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About Me

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Four years ago, I went to Italy for a month. I sauntered through the cobble stone streets of ethereal Rome, gawked at Prada's spring collection on women sashaying across the Naviglio Grande in Milan, explored the Amalfi Coast from the magical zest of Sorrento, to the charming gardens of Ravello, all the way to the blue waters of Capri… tasting every morsel of Italian wine along the way.


Wine is an intrinsic part of Italian culture. In fact, in the 1960s a series of laws were established to guarantee the authenticity of Italian wines, called 'Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita' (better known as the letters "DOCG" you may have seen on the neck of some wine bottles). 

This label guarantees the wine was made through controlled production standards with the utmost thought and care. 


I remember this fun fact every time I walk through a spirits store, meandering through the ample aisles with confidence; assured and satisfied with my wine selections.


That’s where my DOCG comes in. 


For a decade of working in the fashion industry, I’ve harbored a relentless need to go on a creative adventure and open a dialogue that isn’t always discussed.. oftentimes undermined. I am a curious soul at heart, constantly challenging what I know, see and read

The DOCG is a haven for the wild visionaries. At its core, my ambition is to feed a curious palate. One that appreciates fashion as a construct, global cultures, and social discourse. My goal is to create a narrative where these topics are dissected with thoughtful standards, just like Italian wine. 


Welcome to The DOCG.

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